Number one, ignore my awkward face. I hate making serious faces but I did it anyway so that's all you get. Anywho, this was my outfit for today. I liked it, but I felt a bit too masculine. It could've been better if I wore my hair down, but it's been down all week so I opted for something different. I love hoodies with denim jackets and black jeans. It has literally been my go to outfit in the cold weather and I've had to stop my myself from wearing it too often. But here I am on a Friday night, all my friends are home being squares so I decided to update my blog. GO ME! Until my next post, Elyse.

Eyelit Gap button-down: Eco-thrift, $3
Grey Hoodie: H&M
Denim Jacket: Goodwill, $5
Black Jeans: Wet Seal, $20
Black TOMS: Plato's Closet, $22
Cobalt Earrings: Birthday gift