eco-thrift haul #2


I have not gone shopping with money in my wallet in over a month and a half. For most normal people that doesn't seem like much, or even anything to complain about. But for me, thats a very long time. I have been extremely uninspired by the clothes in my closet and I haven't actually put together an outfit I'm proud of in a long time (hence the lack of OOTD posts). Since today was my first free Saturday in the past 2 months I went to my favorite thrift store in hopes of leaving with some items that would make me excited to get dressed in the morning. Although I didn't get as much as I hoped I'm very happy with what I did get. I tried on the two skirts I bought and was trying to decide which one I should leave behind because I didn't see the point in buying two of the same skirts in different colors. Then I looked at the tag and saw American Apparel. The skirt retails at $30 a piece, so since it was only $2 I got both. Unfortunately though, I left a lot of corduroy pants behind that didn't fit me. But I did find 2 dollars in the pocket of a pair of pants I tried on! Until my next post, Elyse.

 Navy Tie-dye crop top: no brand, $.99
Maroon Lace top: Testament, $2
Grey skirt: American Apparel, $2
Navy Skirt: American Apparel, $2