Eco-thrift haul #3


     Here is yet again another thrift haul. Thrifting is just my favorite way to build my wardrobe because I'm trying to save money. I went this past Saturday with my sister and my mom and we ended up finding a lot of great stuff. My sister got really lucky finding designer dress pants for work that actually fit her perfectly (she's practically a zero if not smaller) and some Steve Madden shoes. I found a bunch of stuff too, just not as great of quality as she did.
     My favorite things I found were the Gloria Vanderbilt Aloha shirt because I've been looking for one for awhile, the crochet skirt just because it's beautiful, and the cowboy dress because it's one of those crazy finds. Until my next post, Elyse.

white eyelet peasant shirt: Charter Club, $2
black and gold paisley print shirt: Sarah Lawrence, $2
white crochet detailed tank: Mossimo, $1
teal fitted crop top: no brand, $1
aloha shirt: Gloria Vanderbilt, $3
brown crochet mini skirt: Limelight, $3
cream/brown short-sleeve sweater: Laura Scott, $2
red/yellow striped dress: no brand, $3
cowboy printed maxi dress: Desert West, $7

9 items for $24