desires #1


Due to the fact that I've restrained myself from spending any money (the least amount possible) until I start my job I've decided to make a list of the things I really want. Hopefully this will help me to restrain myself from buying anything that isn't these things. Just thought I'd share with you all.

First off are the shoes. My number one right now are a new pair of black sandals. I've had mine for four or five years now and they're beat up and I think slightly out of style. These steve madden ones would be ideal but I have yet to find them discounted anywhere. I found a pair at Kohl's that were perfect and really well priced but of course there were none in my size at the two Kohl's I went to. I hate having 9.5/10 size feet. 
Next up are some black high-tops. In elementary and middle school I lived in high-top converse. That is what I was known for and I even had myself a pair of neon orange ones. I do still have a pair of black ones but they are completely torn on one side and have drawings on the toes. I would love to rock some with denim shorts or a girly dress. A pair of black vans would give me the same effect but I would prefer the converse. 
Studded loafers are something I saw when they first came out in Topshop and I really liked them. I never really wanted them until about a month ago when I saw them in the stores I shop in. Forever 21 has them on their website but unfortunately the Forever 21 I go to never has a good selection of shoes and my foot sizing is too weird so I can't buy online.
 My most recent desire is a pair of black ankle boots. I've never really been a fan of chelsea boots but I saw a pair in Target the other day and I decided I would love to have a pair. But I'm not too sure how they would look on my feet so I'll have to try them on and find out.
 Finally, a pair of simple black flats. I've been looking for a pair of plain jane matte black flats but have had absolutely no luck in finding any. All the ones I see have little bows on the toes, have glitter all over, or are extremely uncomfortable. I find them to be the absolutely perfect shoe to wear with a pair of cuffed black jeans to give the outfit a touch of femininity.

I think I love black shoes. Until my next post, Elyse.