I found this hat while cleaning my room yesterday and i knew that I wanted to wear it today. Today is the total opposite of my last post. It was fairly cool today and completely overcast. I didn't see the sun once today, it was really weird. I hate the sweater I'm wearing. When you first put it on it fits okay nothing spectacular, but as time goes by it just gets boxy and extremely unflattering. So, I want to do a DIY with it to turn it into something I like but I have no idea what to do. Until my next post, Elyse.

Purple beanie: Zumiez, $10
White sweater: Ross, $11
Charcoal jeans: Pacsun
Black canvas slip ons: Payless, $15
Silver ear cuff: Claires, $7
Gunmetal spike earrings: Forever 21, $4
Silver stud bracelet: JcPenneys, $3
Silver friendship ring: JcPenneys, $11
Peace sign mood ring: gift from friend