pants party!


I have been obsessed with pants lately. I don't know what it is, but all I want to do is buy pants, shoes, and more pants! I've found picking pants first and then a top and shoes to go with it for my outfits in the morning! It might not seem odd to you, but it definitely does to me. 
I already own a pair of oxblood pants, forest green pants, floral pants, black pants, regular jeans, grey pants, and army green cargo pants. But here's my dilemma. My oxblood and forest green pants are very ill-fitting, and neither pair were dirt cheap. I just hate the fact that when you try something on in the fitting room it can fit perfectly and then once you take off the tags and wear them out and about, they're terrible! So because the fit is anything but desirable, I want new pairs. I think I might go to forever 21 and find cheaper versions to make myself not feel so bad and still get a couple wears out of the ill-fitting ones before trying to re-sell them to crossroads or plato's closet. My other problem is that pants do not come cheap. I want a lot of pants, but my wallet does not have the money to buy them all. Sure, I could get lucky and find some at the thrift store, but I want them now. I guess I just have to be patient to be stylish. Until my next post, Elyse.