Thinking #1: TED: Ideas Worth Spreading


So as the few of you who follow me may have recently noticed, I changed the name of my blog to "Threads & Thinking". I did this because I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys along with my love for style. So here is my very first official Thinking post:

     A couple weeks ago, I got my first iPhone. I looked up top 100 free apps and started scrolling through them to see which ones I should download. I came across one called TED and thought it seemed interesting, so I got it. 
     TED is an app that has videos of people spreading their ideas all across the country. Before you immediately say no to getting this app or checking out the website here, I said ideas not ideals. On TED people aren't pushing their opinions onto you, instead they are telling you about their thoughts, their ideas on numerous subjects. Even if you only watch one video a week, I applaud you. I really admire this site because I think it is important, especially in today's world, to keep people thinking. To keep people interested in the world outside of their own little bubble. One of the videos I recently watched was about a woman who started a group of strangers writing love letters to people in need. This may sound weird, but it sounded very interesting. This woman's idea started with just herself and then resonated to people around the country to bring a smile or even happiness to those who need it. Please check out TED. You never know what ideas it will provoke within you.

Keep thinking. Keep questioning. Until my next post, Elyse.