Birthday Wishes


I really want to go to Thailand for a couple weeks this summer to volunteer. The biggest issue is, of course, money. Comment below with any fundraising tips!

On to the real content of this post...even though my birthday is two months away, I've been thinking of some gifts. This is all I could remember at the time, but I'm sure I can think of more things. 

1. A basic fitting t-shirt. One thats flattering and has a wonderful silhouette.
2. T-shirt dress. I can't seem to find one anywhere! I've been looking for years!
3. Cheetah print Vans. I've really been wanting a pair of cheetah print shoes and (as you can tell), i am loving my vans at the moment.
4. Grey Vans. Since I've been loving my Vans, I want another color.
5. Navy Vans. Same as above, I just can't decide!
6. Black flats. I have had the most difficult time finding a pair of black flats I like that are comfortable.
7. Paisley printed pants. My obsession with printed pants need to expand to this boho-awesomeness.
8. Fringe side bag. I've fallen in love with Brittany Balyn's red fringed bag. So one for myself that I don't have to pay for would be oh so wonderful.
9. Metallic banded rings. I can't find these anywhere!
10. Statement necklaces. I'm just in love with them.