If I were 5'5


So I am slightly over 5'9 and I know that is not crazy tall. Only a little above average. But I have this thing where I like feeling small, so heels are generally out of the question. I don't buy them because I never wear them. But if I were 5'5, I would buy these shoes and rock them. 
1. Heeled Brown Booties: Every day essential. Perfect for jeans, shorts, skirts, casual, dressy, literally anything.

2. Tapestry Wedges: A printed shoe is a must have for heel wearers and this tapestry print is right up my aisle.

3. Clog: Anyone remember the Miley Cyrus outfit with the clogs? Its been imprinted in my mind.

4. Wedge Sneakers: At first, I hated these. But now I see how perfect they would be for my casual laid back style.

5. Wooden Platform Shoe: These would be an essential. Again, works with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, casual, dressy, just anything.

6. Blue Wedge: A pop of color in your shoe is always fun. I personally like blue, or even kelly green.

7. Mary Jane Black Heel: A twist on the classic black pump. Necessity.

8: Heeled Chelsea Boot: Easy to style, comfortable, and a beautiful silhouette.

9: Barely There Stiletto: These are very in right now and I completely understand why. They are GORGEOUS. I love the industrial tread on the bottom to keep them from being too feminine. Perfect for me :)

Until my next post, Elyse.