Spring is in the air.


It's been Spring for about three weeks now, but only now can I say that the sunshine streams through my window in the morning. It's still not quite warm enough to rock these outfits, but they both have some Spring essentials in my opinion.
  • Floral print anything seems to have been a spring essential for years, but I'm obsessed with a daisy floral print. This most likely comes from the fact that its my favorite flower, but I still don't own anything daisy print!
  • A bright lip is good for any time of year, but this Spring I am going to be more bold and rock one more often.
  • A well fitting t-shirt is a must have in anyones closet, but a colored one is perfect for Spring!
  • High-waisted denim. It seems like everyone and their mother owns a pair, but I don't. Although I have become a little "over" the high-waisted shorts trend, I'd still like to own one pair. 
  • Everyone needs a little pastel in their life whether it be in a collared shirt or a sandal. The best accessory for spring, is something pastel.
  • Finally, a platform cognac brown sandal. I am happy to say I finally own a pair of shoes similar to these, but being 5'9 who knows how often I'll rock those 5 inch bad boys...

Until my next post, Elyse.