Choose Happiness


Last week after hearing my cousin talk about all our family members and their past or current depression I decided I was going to fight my way out of mine. I've been stuck in a negative headspace for around eight months and since taking Psych last quarter I knew that all I had to do was decide to not be depressed anymore. I tried a couple times but it was much harder than you'd think. But since my choice last week I feel really good. Every night I go to bed easily, being alone is easier, I laugh more, and even though it sounds cliche, food tastes better. Another wonderful benefit is I've been happier with the way I look, especially today. My tan is getting along nicely, today's braid is rocking my world, and this gorgeous dress from the Urban Outfitters sale really floats my boat. All I need is a flower crown. Below is a combination of selfies and happy posts I've been loving from tumblr (Heres mine). Until my next post, Elyse.