Back to Basics


My weekends have become days to  lay around and wait for my shift at work to begin. Since I didn't start until the evening I asked my mom if we could do something today. I really just wanted to go thrifting, but I left it open for interpretation so that way she'd be happier doing what she wanted than what I wanted. So we went and checked out a little shopping center we've never been to and I got a couple of really cute things that I'm sure I'll style very soon. 
This is the outfit I shopped in. I've been very into basics lately so I thought I'd pair this tank shorts that I've never worn before with the crochet cardigan I'm currently living in. I just love how slouchy and comfy it is!

Crochet Cardigan: Eco-thrift, $4
Black Tank: Eco-thrift, $1
High-Waisted Shorts: Superior Thrift, $4
Blue Sneakers: Vans, $35
Red Bag: F21, $15
John Lennon Sunnies: HM, $9

p.s. I'm working on a better background for pictures. I wish I just had a photographer boyfriend or best friend to take pictures of me, but until then its just me, my tripod, and my camera on self-timer.