Thinking: Berkeley With Me, Myself, and I.


Some random building I ate lunch outside of.
top: UO, $10 - shorts: F21, $15 - shoes: UO - bag: target - earrings: World Market, $5

Items I bought from UO, a boutique, and a street vendor.

Yesterday I took a little solo trip to a place of fond memories, Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. When I was there I needed an opinion on a shirt I was contemplating buying and so I texted my sister a picture of it. We kept texting and when she found out I was there by myself her response was, "Are you lonely??" double question marks and all. I wasn't lonely, and had actually planned to go by myself. My plans didn't fall through with anyone else, I wasn't going to be in the area, I chose to go and spend the day with myself in a place I love. Notice that I said 'with myself' and not 'by myself'. Every once in awhile I want to spend time with just me. That doesn't mean sitting in my room on netflix eating junk food, because I do that often enough for it to be considered part of my routine. I mean going out and doing something that I would generally go do with friends with myself instead. Two years ago, I never would have done that. I would have felt extremely uncomfortable and never wanted to. But now, I think its something everyone should do on occasion. One of the girls I used to live with was talking to me about some things she was dealing with and I could really sense her need to be wanted by others, and so I asked her if she ever took a day to spend time with herself and she said no. So I suggested it to her and I think she was nervous about it. I don't think she felt super comfortable with the idea and I don't know if she's ever tried it. Its nice to spend the day within your own head formulating your own opinions and thoughts without someone else's input or stopping where you want for however long you want. I think of it as if you don't want to spend the day with yourself, why would someone else? Self-love is really important and I feel that often times the focus of self-love is on appearance. While thats also extremely necessary for a life of happiness I think self-love for your personality is equally necessary. So I challenge you to go see a movie wth yourself (its tough when you have popcorn and need use the restroom), go to a nice dinner with yourself, or go out of town with yourself. Understand while other people love to spend time with you. Until my next post, Elyse.

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